May Ch1Con Events

May the Fourth be with you! Here’s the schedule of Ch1Con online events coming your way this month.

Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 PM Eastern: Twitter Chat

The topic of our Twitter chat this month is love interests. Join us using #Ch1Con to answer our questions and talk with other young writers!

Saturday, May 27th from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern: Virtual Write-In

Join us to write (and procrastinate) at any point that you’re available during the evening. Link to the chat room:

– The Ch1Con Team

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our writing contest! Winners get e-published (and conference discounts!).

P.P.S. Our spring blog tour is ongoing! Don’t miss out on all the awesome giveaways (including signed books and critiques)!

Ch1Con Fights to the Death

It’s time! Tomorrow (Saturday, November 22nd) at 3:00 PM EST the Ch1Con team will have one hour in a Google Doc, visible to your lovely eyes, to attempt to write a story together using the barest of writing prompts.

One story. No communication.

Who will learn to write together? Who will write against the rest of the team? Who will actually manage to stay on task? Only time will tell.

Want to watch the madness? Tune in here at 3 PM EST:

Want to know what we’ll be attempting to write about? The Prompt of Doom: Our protagonist enters Panera and asks for the food s/he ordered online, only for the girl behind the counter to say Protagonist needs to follow her to the backroom… for some reason.

You may now begin taking bets on who will survive ’til the end.

See you tomorrow!